Tollard Royal Parish Emblem

The community of Tollard Royal thought it would be a fun thing to do to create a Tollard Royal Parish Emblem that could be used informally to bring our village together.In heraldic language our new emblem can be described as:

Vert a Cross Argent thereon another Cross also Vert charged with a Buck courant between in chief an Ancient Crown Or and in base an Escutcheon barry wavy of six Argent and Azure all within a Chain in orle also Or.”

Parish Emblem

Parish Emblem

The heraldic tincture of Green has been chosen for the Tollard Emblem – this represents the green lush area of the cranborne chase. In Heraldic terms it means Freedom, beauty, joy, health and hope. It is also like the arms of Wiltshire County Council, representing the chalk and downs of the landscape, and here specifically Cranborne Chase. Chains are a symbolic representation
 that salary is acceptable and important  for services. For Tollard Royal there is a more significant meaning representing our Church St Peter Ad Vincula, which literally means Peter in Chains. The links also represent the strong bond of our community. The fallow buck represents the royal hunting forest and ties with the image on the logo of the Cranborne Chase AONB. The shield with wavy white and blue bars, is the traditional heraldic way of representing water. Here specifically the village pond. The crown, in the style of Plantagenet kings, is to represent King John who used the area as a royal hunting ground. The white cross also represents our church. 

The village would like to thank Robert Young for designing the emblem for us.

If you would like more information visit Civic Heraldry


We would like further feedback on our emblem please contact kayallenTRPC@gmail.com