Church Budget 2018

This page shows the operating budget for St Peters ad Vincula. The finances are proactively managed, the church relies on fundraising activities to support the running costs. The number of worshipers is relatively small however the church is well supported by the local community. Regular giving is encouraged though a giving scheme called The Friends of St Peters and through our lottery the 52 club. The church is a not for profit and we intend to run the budget at a small operating surplus to support our reserves policy. The church has strong governance in place with policies for our Reserves, Charity Giving and Financial conduct. See our Governance page for more details

 We pay a share to The Church of England for the Diocese of Salisbury – you can download the information here church diocese share

Cost of Fundraising £100
Mission giving – other charity donations  £125
Salisbury Diocese £2556
Chase benefice – Based on 2017 but could increase £600
organist £600
Flowers £300
Insurance Based on 2017 (looking to reduce this cost) £2240
Utility (Electric & Water) £1500
Grass mowing £500
Maintenance £400
Bank charges £100
Contingency £250
Annual financial audit – accountant fee £200
52 club prizes £250
Other (xmas tree etc) £160
Total Expenses operating budget £9881
Regular tax efficient giving £1800
Other planned giving £1500
Cash collections and wall box £2000
All other CAF giving £500
52 club £500
Bell fund £100
Gift aid, Based on 25% of known giving £1300
Just giving £100
Fees weddings etc, Based on 3 weddings a year £800
Fundraising, planned pleasure ride, Dorset bike ride, Xmas carols, Tollard Talks £2000
Trade and sales May August bank holiday, Car park fees £400
Total revenue operating budget £11,000