Church improvements 2018

Ideas for the church – update on progress

Suggestion Update
Can we have a new curtain of draft solution for door as the current one is ripped A new replacement curtain with new door opener has been installed
The brick work near door is very slippery can we have a new path The quote and format for a new resin bond path is agreed – the contractor is Kingsmere from Gillingham. The cost will be £3000. This will be in place before the winter
Can we have printed services sheets that are easier to follow as well as prayer books


These are now designed and awaiting final approval andt hen will be printed and brought into use as soon as possible.
Can we have more modern choices for popular hymns  Suggestion book is at the back of the church along with a list of the UKs most popular hymn, please do encourage people to leave ideas.
Could we have more regular clergy who we can get to know


We are limited by the number of clergy in our benefice. We are governed by the rota and availability.
Can we publicize who the clergy are that are taking the service


The rota is listed on the benefice website



Can we publish service end times and when we are doing refreshments we don’t really want to come to a church service but would join in for coffee


Our services are regular and the approx service times are

Holy Communion – 9:30

Morning Services 10:30

Evensong 6:00pm

We will notify villages in the Tollard Tattler if refreshments are planned – everyone is welcome to join after the service

Services last approx 45 mins but times can vary

Can we have cushions on the seats – the pews are hard going!


A quote has been obtained and the cost will be £1400 – we will focus a fundraising effort to buy these
Can we get Sandroyds down – more children make the services more enjoyable


We have asked Sandroyds to join us when there school curriculum allows
Can we have the heating on more?


We do try and keep the church warm and we are looking into new heating
Can we get more people involved with readings and opening the church Definitely – we would welcome anyone to join our rota
Can we have more festivals – we liked rogation Sunday – services that are a bit different


We have held more festival services this year and will continue to work with the benefice on ideas.
Can we have a coffee area for visiting walkers etc – rest area


This idea we feel would be difficult to manage. The church is always open in the summer for visitors and walkers to rest. We don’t feel at this time we are bale to provide a coffee area.
Removing a few pews in North Aisle so we have a communal area We are looking at the cost of buying replacement chairs and looking at getting permission to do this in the future