Parish Council Minutes

Minutes for the Parish Council meeting will be published both on the Notice Board and on this website as well as being circulated by email to all parishioners. (Note: minutes are published as draft minutes and are signed at the next Parish Council Meeting).

You can download the draft minutes for the last Parish Council meeting below– click on date link to download

2019 Minutes 

final draft minutes 20.09.2019

final draft minutes 12.07.2019 a

Annual Parish meeting 29 April 2019

AGM draft minutes 29.04.2019

final draft minutes 08.03.2019

final draft minutes added 11.01.2019


2nd Nov 2018 final draft minutes Awaiting approval in January 

July – Meeting cancelled

14th May 2018 AGM draft minutes  approved November 

12th March 2018 draft minutes_

January 2018 draft minutes

Archive 2017 Minutes

13th November 2017 draft minutes Approved

18th September 2017 draft minutes – Approved

10th July 2017 draft minutes – Approves

30th May 2017 Extraordinary Meeting – Approved

8th May 2017 draft minutes  – Approved

20th March 2017 – Approved

9th January 2017 – Approved                               


Minutes Archive for 2016

Minutes from 11th January 2016 – click on date link to download  11 January 2016
Minutes from extraordinary 15th February – planning application  15 February 2016 Extraordinary Meeting
 Minutes from 14th March 2016  Draft Minutes 14 March 2016
 Minutes from 9th May AGM  draft Minutes 9th May 2016
 Minutes 11th May Extraordinary Planning Meeting  11th May 2016 Extraordinary Meeting
 Minutes from 4th July  draft minutes 4th july 2016
Minutes 12th September   






Minutes archive for 2015

Date Minutes
12th January 2015 – Precept  Minutes 12 January 2015
11th May 2015 – Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes 11th May 2015
13th July 2015  Minutes 13 July 2015
24th August 31, 2015 – Extraordinary planning meeting 24th August 2015 – Extraordinary Meeting
7th September – Extraordinary planning meeting  7 September 2015 Extraordinary Meeting
14th September 2015  Minutes 14 September 2015
 9th November 2015   Minutes 9 November 2015

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