PC Parking Policy

Parking of Cars in Tollard Royal

Parking in the village of Tollard Royal is very limited with no on street parking.

The Parish Council owns the amenity land by the village pond. A small section of this land was marked and kept separate to enable occasional visitor parking for up to 6 cars. The Parish Council reserves all rights to remove the permissive parking and to restore the green area.

No charge is applied for parking.

This creates permissive parking and Custom and Practice is to allow occasional visitors to the village to park their cars. It is intended to help people who are coming walking and visiting.

There is an area at North Lodge created for parking for anyone wishing to do a circular walk. Win Green also provides parking for circular walks. Walkers should be encouraged to use these areas.

The Church has a private car park and by agreement will allow overflow parking, providing church service times are protected. Please contact Churchwarden tollardgreen@gmail.com

The Parish Council is keen to support the local pub ‘The King John’ and accepts some limited occasional parking by patrons of the pub. The pub is encouraged to collaborate both with the PC and the Church to forewarn of busy days.

Most of the houses in the village have limited parking and the PC accepts relatives and residents will wish to park on the amenity land from time to time. If any extended stay is needed please contact the Clerk clerktrpc@gmail.com

Rules associated with the permissive parking:

  • No camper vans are permitted.
  • No overnight camping is permitted.
  • Residents and visiting family are permitted to park for limited periods. Notice should be given to the Clerk.
  • Vehicular access to the by-way must be maintained at all times.

Thieves target the parking area. Residents and visitors should ensure personal belongings are not kept in a parked car.