Sponsored Walk

Brian & Kay Allen-Palmer are organising a sponsored walk on Monday 29th May.

The walk is all planned

Time Section Time Cumulative Time Section Distance Cumulative Distance
Leave Tollard 09:15 0.00
North lodge 10:20 01:05 01:05 2.80 2.80
B3081 11:05 00:45 01:50 1.60 4.40
Museum Farnham 12:05 01:00 02:50 3.10 7.50
Larmer Tree 12:30 00:25 03:15 1.60 9.10
Tollard Green 12:55 00:25 03:40 1.30 10.40
Lunch Break 13:20 00:25 04:05 0.00 10.40
Ashcombe 14:20 01:00 05:05 2.80 13.20
Corner Farm 14:50 00:30 05:35 1.60 14.80
Tollard 15:15 00:25 06:00 1.00 15.80

The walk is to raise money for our historic 13th Century Church. ALL money raised will be just for St Peter’s. Irrespective of your religious beliefs, as the current generation we are custodians of this beautiful building. Many people in the past have worked hard to keep our church vibrant and in good order. Its our turn now.

Keeping to a church theme the walk will by symbolic of Rogationtide with a walk planned to roughly follow our parish boundary. The walk will be approx 15 miles and will start at the Old Cart Shed, heading to the Golf Club, across to Win Green and back towards Ashmore and the Larmer tree – ending back at the Old Cart Shed.

you can help sponsor our walkers on our dedicated Just Giving Page 

or you can pledge here on line and we can collect the money later

Fill out my online form.

Team Tollard 

Brian Palmer

Charlie Price

Carol and Trevor Webster

Richard Shirley 

If you would like to do the walk please contact Kay Allen-Palmer